We are a small group of young people moving from Flagstaff, Arizona to Homer, Alaska in the spring of 2023, working to build intentional community rooted in care and reciprocity between ourselves and our world.

Our Vision

We are building a community rooted in care and reciprocity between ourselves and our world. We dedicate ourselves to a thriving communal future in the face of climate and humanitarian crises. Walking in beauty, we resolve to live together in solidarity for as long as we are able.

What's "refugia"?

Refugia are unique places of relative stability where species can flourish during immense ecological change. Amid upheavals in the social, ecological, political, and economic realities of our time, the word refugia informs our praxis: together, making refuge and taking refuge—for humans and others.
Two photos in Alaska of members of the Refugia Collective: one depicting three people together in a mountainous landscape, the other showing four people and a dog all hugging on a dock in a bay.

Our Path

We are a collective of folks—including artists, farmers, a scientist, a vet tech, and an engineer—sharing common convictions about how to live rooted and embrace change in these times. As a small group of close friends, we’re banding together to share resources and land, engage in community-oriented work, and co-create spaces of refuge, reciprocity, and resilience. In our shared life together, we hope to also invite others to imagine and practice kinship-oriented ecological ways of being.

In the coming months, we’ll be sharing more about our long-term work of making community agreements, journeying north, finding land, starting a new farm, reflections and evocations in these times, as we walk our communal path forward. We hope to invite others to support and participate online and in-person, sharing this alternative path through creative work and storytelling.

Stay in the loop

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How you can support us!

Support us by joining our Patreon! Patreon is a platform where we'll release monthly content related to the building, living in, and creative endevours of Refugia Collective, as well as ongoing creative content with reflections on building community, artwork, skill-sharing, and more.

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Checks may also be sent to:
Refugia Collective
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